The Demonization of President Trump and Our Collective Unconsciousness

The demonization of President Trump is really quite sad because it is misses the great lesson. The fact that a man like Trump could be elected to the most powerful position in the world and bubble up to the surface is simply a manifestation of the unconsciousness that exists in our society. Instead of looking within and doing the work that we need to do on ourselves, the majority of people in our country still think that the solution lies in looking outside of ourselves by electing some sort of demigod or leader who will save us from the manifestations that our collective consciousness have created.

Worse yet, our leaders tell us that we are victims, that greater, more powerful forces are working against us, which creates even more unconsciousness and a deeper desire to look outside of ourselves. Fear of a ruthless enemy, who wants to destroy us all, is another tool used to perpetuate this system. This of course is no accident and has been used by rulers for centuries. Trump is no different than all of those who proceeded him. The only difference is he is actually honest and straightforward about it.  It doesn’t have a pretty face and seeing that face has been incredibly uncomfortable for many people because it is seeing the truth of how we have been being. He is our unconscious manifestations staring us all in the face. And what a gift that could be…a gift to begin, a New Path.

The solution of course doesn’t lie in any leader, it lies in doing our own work. When we feel hopeless or powerless, we often times look outside of ourselves for an answer. When we see injustice or suffering, we want something to be done, but we make the mistake of compelling others to act. When we do not feel our own agency and power, we give it away to others. When we do this for a long enough time period, it becomes unconscious and so we give them more power. We think we can’t do it, so we make sure others will do it for us. Something must be done. Then we resent or hate those who see things differently. Eventually, force and coercion actually become synonymous with compassion. We convince ourselves that stealing from our neighbor and then re-distributing the fruits of his hard earned labor is not only acceptable, but that it is altruistic. Fear becomes so pervasive, that we condone killing tens of thousands of innocent woman and children, (without any evidence, a judge, jury or trial), all in the name of spreading peace and democracy or in the name of fighting evil. It’s a world gone mad, one flipped on its head. The outrage and backlash to President Trump is due to the simple fact that we want a pretty face to it – someone who makes us feel like we are being noble and just. But the veil, at least for now, has dropped and with that, we have an opportunity to choose a different path.

Your journey is unique and so is mine. I cannot tell you which way to turn or which path is the one for you. Your journey is yours and yours alone. All I can do  is provide a source of support and acceptance. I cant dictate your path. Our Founders understood this. They understood allowing others to make their own choices, proving a platform where the end means was simply to provide a platform for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is why I truly believe the only solution is to encourage others to do their own work, to look within. Only then will we be in a position to feel our own sense of power and agency and will no longer feel compelled to coerce others or look to third-party institutions to solve all of our problems.

Below is a video I created that illustrates this simple premise. Believe in yourself and see the truth.



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