Should I Vote For Ron Paul or Gary Johnson?

Did you know just a 5% showing by Gary Johnson would give the Libertarian party access to millions of dollars of federal funding? Read below.

Does Ron Paul still have a chance of Winning? No.

The candidate “must file” to be eligible to be a write in candidate in 48% (260/538) of the states. Ron Paul has NOT done this with any. Zip. His campaign has no plans to do this. Therefore, only 278 electoral votes remain. Out of this 278, 147 don’t allow write-ins at all, or have a Sore Loser Law that prohibits one. So we are down to a possible 131 electoral votes that he could win. Even if he won all 131, he still does not have a chance to win because he needs to get to 270.

Do we have a chance of Gary Johnson winning? Yes (although very remote).
Has Ron Paul endorsed him? Sort of.
He said, “I think he’s wonderful, and I think he’s doing a good job and people should look at him and every individual should make up his own mind”

I dont think Dr. Paul would endorse Gary Johnson as it could potentially hurt Rand’s GOP standing and family comes before politics. The statement he made above is as close of an endorsement as we’re going to get.

Here is the most crucial information:

In the 1970′s Congress passed a handful of laws and amendments with the intention of reducing the influence of money in political campaigns (ha). You can read a general summary about the Presidential Election Campaign Fund here, and peruse the official text of the Federal Election Campaign Act and its amendments here.

There are a few rules about matching funds for primary and general elections, but the big prize is the $91 million grant to “each major party nominee” as well as another $18 million for their party conventions. It’s all funded by taxpayers who voluntarily check a checkbox to specifically divert $3 of their tax bill into this election funding pot.

A “major party” is defined as a political party that got “25 percent or more of the total number of popular votes” in the last presidential election, which conveniently only includes the Republicans and Democrats right now.

However, a “minor party” is a party whose previous candidate received “5 percent or more but less than 25 percent.” And guess what? Minor parties are eligible for general election funds too, in direct proportion to how far above 5% they get.

If Gary Johnson gets 5% of the vote in 2012, the Libertarian Party will receive nationwide automatic ballot access and $90 million in federal matching funds for the 2016 presidential election cycle. This could help break the 2 party system.

Some may have issues with the Libertarian party accepting funds from the federal government, but if tax payer dollars were actually going towards something that was helping to SHRINK government and ultimately significantly REDUCE those taxpayer dollars, i think most would find it acceptable as a temporary measure.

So which vote, at this point in time, will help further the cause of liberty and give the message the most exposure?

I have been struggling with this decision for weeks and after learning about the 5% rule, for me the choice is clear in advancing and spreading the message of liberty – Gary Johnson. This is still a very difficult choice for me since Dr. Paul is the man who woke me up. I hope this helped you make your choice. Thank you to Ed LaRue for making me aware of this vital information!

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