The key to effective and efficient medical care is the doctor-patient relationship yet federal bureaucrats continue to believe that their one-size-fits-all policies will lower costs, increase access, and cure an ailing industry. Instead, excessive regulation, immoral mandates, and short-sighted incentives have created a system where no one is happy, doctors pass quickly from one patient to the next, insurance is expensive to get and difficult to maintain, and politicians place corporate interests ahead of their constituents. The answer to our nation’s health care crisis lies in freedom – not force. Before medicare or medicaid, the poor and the elderly were admitted to hospitals at about the same rate as they are now and received good care. Before these government programs came to be, every physician knew that he or she had a responsibility toward the less fortunate and free medical care for the poor was the norm. But now we believe that the government needs to come to the rescue from a predatory private sector. Laws and regulations that inflated the cost of medical services and imposed unreasonable liabilities standards on medical professionals, even when they were acting in a volunteering capacity, later made offering free care costs prohibitive. The government is not the answer, freedom is. We have lost our belief that freedom works because we no longer have the imagination to conceive of how a free people might solve its problems without introducing threats of violence, which is what government solutions ultimately amount to. For more, click here

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