More War Propaganda From The New York Times

(see article below)

Such a transparent attempt at building more war propoganda so they can now go to war with Iran and have the american sheeple’s support. I dont like the man, but Ahmadinejad didnt call israel an insult to mankind – he said the Israeli GOVERNMENT was “an insult to humankind.” I believe our current government is also an insult to humankind. Does that mean i endorse mass genocide of all american people? My favorite part of the article : “Iranian officials constantly point out that even though they repudiate nuclear weapons, Israel has an arsenal of them” How true is that? Israel has between an estimated 75 to 400 nuclear weapons. Why wouldnt Iran want one themselves? Im so sick and tired of all of these wars. When will the world wake up to the lies and slander perpetuated by the mainstream media? By the way, Im JEWISH and SUPPORT ISRAEL but that doesnt mean I dont have a brain or align mindlessly with promoting violence and war because some elected leader (from a country that doesnt even have an air force mind you) has a big mouth. WAKE UP.

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