The 5 Principles of Liberty

Free Markets

Free markets are the ultimate equalizer, they allow anyone and everyone to chart the course of their lives based off their ambition and skill. Free markets allow free thinkers and creators to create products and services man would otherwise not have access too in a country with a government based around top down planning and constant economic intervention. As Nobel laureate Milton Friedman once said, “underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”


It’s as simple as you think, tolerance is recognizing a person’s right to do something that you don’t agree with, as long as no one is threatening your life or your property. We see the issue of “tolerance” all over the news, but sometimes intolerance is seen in places we don’t understand, whether it is attacking businesses that are a threat to unjust monopolies via unions or regulations, or educational freedom because some bureaucrats don’t like homeschoolers or school choice.

Limited Government

The Constitution is still in existence, but the progressive era of big government is alive and real today. Thousands upon thousands of regulations and laws are passed every year; if you were to stack all those documents together and place the stack next to the US Constitution, the question becomes who is more limited? You or your government?

Constitutional conservatives and libertarians believe in limited government maintained through a democratic-republic, in which federalism is balanced between the states and the federal government in respect to the rule of law.


Each man and woman, crafted by their Creator, is endowed with unalienable rights. Each person should be able to live, think, speak, and create as they please as long as they respect the rights and private property of others.


Peace does not mean pacifism. Instead, peace means to interact with others in a way that does not provoke violence or coercion. Peace is not specific to foreign affairs. It has much to do with how we propose, enact, and enforce policy on the home front. In order to prevent violence or coercion, one must ask nothing more than this- what law is so important that it must be enforced by the end of a gun? Lovers of liberty must do everything possible to prevent the state from being used as a method to inflict the will of some onto the rest of society in ways which would harm an individual’s personal liberty.