A Co-Dependent Society

Why do people believe that the government should be trying to solve all our problems? Because they cannot sit with the uncertainty of what would happen without this interference. That in the end, they are ultimately only responsible for themselves, for their own lives, their own behavior and they cannot control anyone else. We live in a toxic co-dependent society where ourgovernment steals from productive citizens in order to “help” others. This only serves to rob these people of their dignity and their innate and natural ability to be self sustanining. It creates a dependent mindset, robbing them of the independence, joy and self confidence that comes from achieving something. 1 out of 7 americans is now on food stamps! They assume that those with less resources must be “saved” by the very same government that caused the immense imbalance in the first place. Our monetary policy robs between 5-9% of the money from the poor every single year through the silent theft of inflation. Dig deeper and discover why 95% of the wealth in this country is controlled by the top 10%. Government is never the answer. Liberty and individual freedom is.

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