Drone Strikes Increased by Over 500% By The Man Who Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

What kind of world are we living in when the man who wins the nobel peace prize kills people with drone attacks on his “KILL List”?

The number of drone strikes rose from 52 during the Bush presidency to 278 under Obama, peaking in 2010, according to a Bureau of Investigative Journalism analysis. The Obama administration tells us these names are carefully selected and Obama himself personally approves the addition of every new name on the list. Wow, that makes me feel so much better. Anyone who generally fits the minimal specifications of a terrorist is a suspect – this means anyone who wears a beard, turban, or traditional Muslim clothing would be a pending target. These “terrorists” have never been indited and charged, we just kill them because we can.

When these drones kill innocent woman and children, his adminstration calls it “collateral damage.” This unsurprisingly turns local populations against the U.S. and puts enormous pressure on other governments to stop cooperating with the U.S. forces. This foreign policy (killing people) has been responsible for the anti-American backlash throughout the world and is the primary reason for the attacks on the embassies. How would we like drones flying over our country, killing people at will? Would YOU fight back? I know I would. These people live real lives just like you and i do and they love life, and they shouldn’t be deprived of that just because some extremists moved next door.

Imagine the same “terrorist” was walking the streets of new york and another country chooses to use a done to kill him, they kill him and kill 6 other innocent people in the process, would you call that a success? I wouldn’t, no man with a sane mind would call that a success. Just because they’re not American doesn’t mean they’re life is worthless.

War is not a video game where people die at the push of a button. What happens when the other 50 nations plan to get them? So much for change we can believe in.

This blog post is dedicated to this this brave wonderful woman (in the video below) who spoke for so many of us. May peace prevail on this earth and the killing by our government stop.

Shame On You

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