Do You Endorse the Use of Force? Think You Do Not? Read This

If a parent asked a child to do something and he/she refused, would it be ok for that parent to lock up that child in a cell?? Of course not. So please tell me how it is ok for any government to do the same thing to us? What am I talking about? Our government takes money from our paychecks. They assume they own us and that they are entitled to a huge part of our labor. Feel that the money you earn is yours to keep – sorry but you are going into that cell.Think once you pay off your mortgage you own your home? Wrong. You must continue to pay “property taxes”, which means you are always renting from the government. Dont think that is fair? Too bad, into the cell you go.

You want to put this or that pill in your body or smoke this or that. Sorry! Only if that pill has been approved or if it has a brand name on it…otherwise, into that cell you go.

Think you can save for retirement on your own? Too bad. We are going to force you to pay into a government run retirement system that is going bankrupt. Dont think that is fair? Too bad, if you dont pay it – into the cell again.

Think you can pay you own medical bills without being subsidized by the government. Thats fine but you better pay into the government run medicare system or else its the cell for you.

All of these things are done by coercion and the threat of being locked up in a cell. Is this the example of how to act in the world? Trying to control the behavior and personal habits of others? Nope. There is a better way – one of mutual cooperation, respect and peace. One that honors each other, rather than using coercion, force and manipulation. You choose. Ron Paul for president.

The Philosophy Of Liberty

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