Can Hypocrisy Be Any More Clear?

1. Obama says he is AGAINST the individual mandate forcing Americans to buy insurance when he was campaigning for president –

2. Then he completely reverses his position, fighting FOR the mandate –

3. He then sells Obamacare to the American public by saying it is NOT a tax and said so before he signed it in 2010 –

4. Obama’s attorney goes before the supreme court and argues that the mandate IS constitutional under congresses taxing power. The 4 liberals agreed and upheld the mandate – the supreme court passes it ONLY on the basis that it is a tax – watch from 2:15 to the end –

5. A few days ago, the presidents own campaign spokesman says the supreme court got it wrong in adopting the presidents own argument (that it is a tax) –

– In 2016, 4 million Americans will pay the mandate tax.
– 75% will make less than $125,000 a year
– Between 2012 and 2021, these people will pay $27 BILLION IN ADDITIONAL TAXES (straight from the congressional budget office)

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